Anastasia Borghardt, née Zepik
Anastasia Borghardt, née Zepik– Managing director –

Fields of responsibility

company management, strategy, investments, financing,
human resources, corporate acquisitions, restructuring


Anastasia Borghardt (born in 1984) has been managing director of ITAI GmbH since June 2013.
Before the foundation of ITAI GmbH, the graduated business woman for project management held several positions at WITEC Holding GmbH in her capacity as departmental head of Finance and Expansion. In March 2007 she was granted general commercial power of attorney.
During her nine years of service with WITEC Holding GmbH she was responsible for expansion, restructuring and change management.
In September 2010, she was appointed as the company’s managing director and was assigned corporate management, strategy, investments as well as M&A as her fields of responsibility.
Later in the course of her employment with WITEC Holding GmbH she took over the management of several subsidiaries at home and abroad and was assigned responsibility in the fields of the steel, machine and plant construction sectors.