Long-term and sustainable investments into the future of small and medium-sized businesses


When it comes to investments, German small and medium-sized businesses enjoy priority.
ITAI GmbH successfully invests into such small and medium-sized businesses (KMU) in Germany. The companies are active in interesting niche markets, are leading within these markets or aim at becoming leaders in their respective markets.
The products are future-oriented, innovative as well as sophisticated and will be represented in sustainable and growing markets in the near future.
The intention is not only to acquire or maintain participations, but also to actively develop them further, so as to achieve constant growth.

Strategic assignment of tasks:

All companies are strategically managed by their parent company in consultation with the respective managing directors. We attach particularly great importance to cooperating with the decision-makers in the individual companies who distinguish themselves by their experience and management qualities.
Controlling the financial management, tax & legal consulting as well as the investment controlling are all concentrated in the hands of the parent company. The subsidiaries, on the other hand, act on their own when it comes to the operative business and are responsible for Production, Sales, Marketing, the administration as well as Research and Development.
Succession planning: When the managing director and/or shareholders retire, optimal follow-up arrangements are jointly worked out.

ITAI GmbH offers:

  • growth options through new investments
  • long-term commitments
  • securing the independence and identity of small and medium-sized
  • businesses by keeping the management and the responsibilities on site speedy decisions concerning the purchase price
  • participation in inter-company funding projects

Our objective:

  • long-term investments into companies
  • setting up a portfolio with 5 – 10 KMU businesses
  • sustainable investments for the constant development of the individual investments within the respective portfolio
  • well-balanced chance-risk profile through a diversification of industrial sectors
  • use of existing synergy effects in the group

Checklist for our acquisition profile:

  • EBIT € 200 000 – 1.5 mill

  • sales revenue €1-15m

  • low liabilities to banks

  • successful product range

  • broad customer structure

  • niche position

  • stable business model

  • equity-to-asset ratio above 20 %

  • cashflow-oriented

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